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Where the science of finding the right talent for your business has become an art form

At The Talent Group we believe that finding the right person for a job should be an objective process free of the personal factors that can distort the typical job interview. We have translated this belief into reality by ensuring that employment candidates referred to us by our clients are comprehensively and objectively assessed, using a wide range of certified and accredited assessment strategies, to ensure suitability for the roles for which they are being considered.

Going beyond the bounds of traditional psychometric testing, our process also assesses behaviour against a range of competencies to more accurately predict performance.

To this end we use simulation exercises to;

  • Assess a candidate’s responses to various situations
  • Measure how they apply proactive reasoning to resolve issues
  • Evaluate their interactions with others and determine their level of impact or influence
  • Consider their level of adaptability to changing situations and environments

New Products

Visit our library of ready-to-use business simulation exercises to allow your candidate to experience a realistic job preview and provide your organisation with a more objective measure of candidate suitability.

The Incident

The Participant plays the role of the Assistant Director of Internal Project Co-ordination for the Department of Personal Data, which is responsible for the collection, co-ordination and dissemination of all personal data for use by other government departments. The participant is required to meet with a colleague to discuss a. . .

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MegaMart Supplier Meeting

The Participant assumes the role of an Assistant Merchandising & Display Manager for a large general merchandise retailer, MegaMart. The Participant is required to meet with Charlie Woods, the newly appointed Key Account Manager for Cammons, a confectionery supplier. The Participants aims are to: understand. . .

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The Personal Assistant

The Participant assumes the role of a Personal Assistant to the Senior Partner in the Law firm, Parker Woods LLP. They work closely with the Senior Partner providing administrative support for daily work requirements. The Participant is required to deal with issues relating to diary management, internal and external issues. . .

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